Group Coaching

Our coach will guide and training a group of 5-8 athletes in preparation for any sporting events. We sportsmen and sportswomen of all ages engaged in sports at any level of competition.


GI-ENDURANCE is for those wanting a constant sustained level of intensity and challenge. Using longer durations of work and higher number of repetitions, this session will test and eventually enhance your muscular and cardiovascular stamina to boost your performance. Exercises are cardio-based with some weight training incorporated. Those training for trail runs, marathons or any other long distance disciplines will find this a great complement to your training.

Suitable for those who are just starting out


HIIT is about incorporating aspects of strength, speed and power. HIIT offers a mixed-training approach focusing on short intense efforts followed by short recoveries. An outstanding way to improve both aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (without oxygen) capacity whilst also burning a tremendous amount of calories.

Suitable for those who are active and wish to improve strength, speed & power (Intermediate).


CORE strength is a vital part of everyday movement, functionality and performance. CORE focuses on improving all aspects of your core strength from the mid-chest to mid-thigh area – and works the front, sides and back of the body. Not only will this prevent injuries and improve posture/alignment, it will also improve all aspects of your fitness. From activating your glutes to sculpting your six-pack, this will be a challenge comprised of isolated and functional movements.

Suitable for those who are just starting out

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